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Our range of guillotines are ideal for a variety of tasks and materials.

The shearing action of the knife style blade produces a precise, neat cut every time.

Each Trimfast guillotine also features a press clamp and all of our guillotines are designed for totally safe operation. 

Each size has a slightly different specification as follows:

255 x 350mm:  paper size up to A4 without an ABS shield

305 x 425mm:  paper size up to A4 with an ABS shield for greater protection - ideal for schools

330 x 480mm:  paper size up to A3 with an ABS shield for greater protection

Get a precise,  neat cut every time in a whole range of materials with the shearing action of the long, knife like blade on our guillotines.  Every model has a press clamp to ensure your materials stay firmly in place for true precision.

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